Reasons That A Body Piercing Can Be Better Than A Tattoo

Posted on: 10 April 2018

If you're thinking about getting a body piercing, you should start by evaluating the best part of your body for this art. You don't need to make this decision overnight. Looking at photos of body piercings online, talking to friends who have piercings, and even asking some questions in an internet forum can all help you to confirm that this will be the right move for you. If you've been juggling the idea of a body piercing and a tattoo, it's important to remember that you can get both — and often from the same studio. However, it's important to note that there are reasons that a body piercing can be better than a tattoo. Here are some reasons to consider.

You Can Change The Look

While future touch-ups or cover-ups can certainly change the appearance of your tattoo, it's ideal to choose a design that you favor because you'll be looking at the design for a long time. With a body piercing, this isn't necessarily the case — you can dramatically change the look of the piercing by changing the jewelry. For example, if you get your nosed pierced and a hoop put in, but eventually get tired of this look, you can easily change the jewelry to a small, glimmering stud.

You Can Quickly Make It Less Obvious

Although you probably aren't thinking about hiding your body piercing when you're enthusiastic about getting it, you need to face the reality that you sometimes may need to make it less evident. For example, if you work in an office, the employee dress code may stipulate that you can't have any visible body piercings or tattoos. For the former, you can simply remove the jewelry before you report to work and no one is apt to see the mark. For a tattoo in a visible spot of your body, the prospect of covering it up can be more difficult.

The Recovery Time Is Shorter

If you're a little nervous about how piercings and tattoos feel because you're sensitive to discomfort, a body piercing is a better choice for you. While you'll definitely feel a prick-like sensation when your piercing professional works on you, the feeling will soon go away and you won't have to worry about any real recovery time. This isn't the same with tattoos, as you may experience soreness around the artwork for a period of time after you get it.


Choosing Different Art Mediums

When I began doing art more and more in my free time, I realized that most of the things I needed to make were with chalk pastels and pastel boards. I started thinking about what I liked to do and what I was good at, and a friend of mine suggested choosing different art mediums. I started focusing on trying different things, and before I knew it, I was creating collages, trying out oil painting, and even working with clay. Now I can honestly say that I have found several mediums that I like just as much as pastels, and it has been great to see my ability increase over time. Check out this blog for great tips on art.


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