3 Ways To Retain The Maximum Resale Value Of Your Classic Muscle Car

Posted on: 28 April 2018

They don't make classic muscle cars like they used to. Whether you're an enthusiast looking to maintain the trade value of your ride or a collector looking to increase the resale value of your investment, here are three ways to maximize what your car is worth in the future.

1. Keep Your Car in a Climate Controlled Storage Facility

Parking your classic car outside can wreak havoc on it over time. The sun will fade your paint job, dashboard, and other interior components. Moisture will work its way into every crevice and cause rust to develop in unseen places.

Keeping your ride tucked away in your garage will do wonders in protecting against the elements. However, even if you keep your garage as clean as a hospital room, your car will still be subjected to wear and tear. Moisture and dust will still accumulate over time. Additionally, fluctuations in the outside temperature will cause metal and plastic components to expand and contract. That stress will eventually lead to cracks, leaks, and premature failures. To avoid these issues, it's best to keep your baby tucked safely away in a climate controlled storage facility.

Storage centers with climate control will eliminate the damaging effects of temperature fluctuations. Furthermore, a proper storage facility will keep your car safe from the majority of moisture and dust that it would otherwise be subjected to in an ordinary garage.

2. Keep Every Receipt

Most muscle car collectors are obsessive when it comes to record keeping. After all, the majority of cars that are considered classics rolled off of the assembly line more than half a century ago. That's a lot of time for issues to develop due to improper maintenance and care.

Keeping a thorough record of your car's maintenance and modifications will help increase its value to future collectors. Whether you're performing a simple oil change or a full engine swap, keep every receipt and document to prove that you maintained your ride with the utmost care.

3. Wash and Wax as Often as Possible

Washing and waxing your ride aren't merely a way of making it look pretty. Washing off dirt and debris will help protect the paint and prevent small particles from working their way into your car's nooks and crannies. That will help prolong the life of your car's drivetrain, especially when it comes to gaskets and other rubber components. A generous coat of wax not only makes your car shine, it also protects your paint from harmful UV rays and road debris.

Keeping your classic muscle car in pristine condition requires a lot of diligence. However, doing so will prevent valuable components from wearing out over time and will maximize your car's resale value, making it a sound investment. For more information, contact a company like LA Fine Arts & Wine Storage.


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