Keys To Making Successful Comic Strips

Posted on: 12 April 2021

Comic strips have been around for the longest time. They give artists the chance to show off their work to a large audience, whether it's to highlight a current event or just to get some laughs. If you're getting started as a comic strip artist/writer, these tips will give you much-needed momentum.

Develop General Concepts First

Before you start writing material or drawing figures for comic strips, you need to come up with general concepts first. You may want to create farm animal comic strips or comic strips about another common type of animal. You can then keep building off these ideas, making good use of your time when putting these comic strips together. 

Ask yourself the reason why you're making this particular comic strip in the first place. Do you want to take a serious angle, one that's funny, or maybe a little of both angles? Also, develop general themes that you'll keep touching upon in the comic strips so that everything you include has a general flow and purpose.

Keep Progressing Your Artistic Skills

In order for your comic strips to gain momentum, you need to keep progressing your artistic skills. A lot of people read these comics to look at the pictures and detail, so you want to be able to come through for these particular readers.

You can enhance your comic strip drawing skills by taking classes, learning from your mistakes, and understanding new techniques that you haven't tried before. All of these attempts to be a better artist will make your graphics come through and help complement the writing that you include.

Make Rough Sketches

Some artists and writers make the mistake of trying to be too specific and detailed early on when putting together comic strips. That can actually hinder how the end result looks. A better thing you can do is start small by making rough sketches of both your written content and pictures.

You can continue to refine these sketches over time. Just give yourself time to see where improvements can be made. Gather feedback from those in this industry too so that you can determine if you're doing things right or if tweaks are warranted for certain elements. Sketching will ultimately help you build more momentum later.

Comic strips are produced every single day by a lot of talented and experienced writers/artists. If you would like to become one and perhaps one day have your work positively reviewed by many, you need to stay committed to your writing and drawing craft. 


Choosing Different Art Mediums

When I began doing art more and more in my free time, I realized that most of the things I needed to make were with chalk pastels and pastel boards. I started thinking about what I liked to do and what I was good at, and a friend of mine suggested choosing different art mediums. I started focusing on trying different things, and before I knew it, I was creating collages, trying out oil painting, and even working with clay. Now I can honestly say that I have found several mediums that I like just as much as pastels, and it has been great to see my ability increase over time. Check out this blog for great tips on art.


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