4 Ways Poetry Helps You Navigate Isolated Emotional Trauma

Posted on: 23 July 2021

For people going through emotional turmoil, there are many methods to help reduce the pain, suffering, and isolation felt through the journey. No matter what the situation is, finding ways to heal and navigate your emotions can make a difference on the journey. One way to consider is with poetry.

As you find ways to navigate the trauma, learn how poetry for emotional turmoil can help you through your journey.

1. Connection

Whether you're still going through your everyday life or on a physical journey to self-discovery, poetry will help ensure you do not feel alone. You can find connections through the writings of others. No matter how isolating the situation feels, it only takes a simple connection to make you feel not so alone in the world.

Lines of poetry may reflect what you're going through and the feelings you've experienced. Use those lines as motivation and know that others out there have gone through the same emotional turmoil and thrived because of the connections they have made.

2. Meaning

One of the best parts about reading poetry is discovering your own meaning when reading the text. So many poems are open to interpretation, and you can read poems for emotional turmoil and take your own meaning from the text. Find connections within the words and use them to heal.

The more you read poems, the more you could find meaning within the words. As you go through your journey, poems may have new meanings when you go back and read them for a second time.

3. Inspiration

Poetry could provide you with inspiration in multiple ways. A poem about a specific location could inspire you to travel there, explore a new setting, and go on a journey of discovery. Reading poems could inspire you to write poems. You may find poetry writing as a way to heal and explore your own journey and themes.

You may find inspiration to make changes and help you heal through the process. Inspiration comes in many forms, and reading poems could become the catalyst for positive change in your life.

4. Daily Routines

When you read poetry, you could turn the process into a daily routine. Having some daily structure in your life will prevent you from wallowing or losing a sense of focus. Start off each day with a selection of poems to help you relax. When you focus on the text, you can eliminate the other distractions and stresses in your life.

Even after you've moved past the emotional issues, poetry can continue to bring some peace and routine into your life.

Start out with a few poems a day and then expand as you grow, read, and discover poems you love.


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