3 Ways To Enhance Exclusive Collectible Products

Posted on: 18 August 2022

Along with the standard products you release, you may decide to take things a step further and offer exclusive products to customers. Limited edition products need to feature a step from the typical fare and supply customers with something that goes above and beyond.

You could release the limited edition options exclusively through your store or through special events like conventions and trade shows. As you plan your exclusive collectibles, learn some of the ways to help the products stand out and really elevate them to the next level.

1. 3D Multicolor RF Logo

Instead of just plain printed packaging on your products, increase the quality with a 3D multicolor radio frequency (RF) logo. The logo features 3D elements and adds physical depth to the package design. The glossy finish applied over the top of the logo increases the shine and really draws attention to the logo design.

With color designs, you can really make the logo pop and stand out. Apply the logo directly to the packaging or on the product itself. For example, if you sell a collectible bobblehead, you can showcase the limited edition design element with a 3D RF logo on the bottom or back of the design. A 3D multicolor RF logo can help set your products apart from your competitors' products.

2. Embossed Packaging

An embossed package is similar to a 3D logo but without the color or glossy finish. An embossed logo adds texture and is an ideal way to compliment the 3D logo on products. For example, the 3D logo may feature the product name or company name. The embossed section of a package could include additional details or labels.

For example, you could emboss the words "limited edition" or "special edition" right on the package. If you have a limited amount of products, you could individually emboss the products as well. For example, a product could have embossed text that reads "1/100" and you could continue the count until each package has its own number.

3. Custom & Exclusive Stickers

Another way to highlight packages and products is with exclusive stickers. The stickers could list the name of the event you sell the product at along with some special features to make the stickers stand out. For example, you could feature a sticker with hologram logos to make the design elements stand out.

While the boxes include RF logos, the product itself may include the sticker. Play around with different designs to see what works best with your collectibles based on the size and design elements.

Custom logo companies can help your products come to life and ensure you create exclusive collectible products in time for specific events.


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