The Multifaceted Services of a Commercial Makeup Artist

Posted on: 29 August 2023

Makeup has the power to transform, inspire, and even tell a story. At the heart of this creative process is the commercial makeup artist, a professional who uses their skills and artistry to bring a vision to life. From fashion shows to advertising campaigns, their work is everywhere, yet few truly understand the breadth and depth of services they offer. Here's a look at the diverse range of services provided by a commercial makeup artist.

1. Fashion Show Makeup

Fashion shows are high-energy events where models strut the runway, showcasing the latest clothing designs. A commercial makeup artist plays a pivotal role here, creating looks that complement the fashion pieces, convey the designer's vision, and make a lasting impression on the audience.

2. Editorial Makeup

Editorial makeup is all about creating looks for magazine photoshoots, online publications, or print ads. This often involves avant-garde or thematic makeup that tells a story or communicates a concept. To thrive in the realm of commercial makeup artistry, one must possess exceptional attention to detail and a profound comprehension of lighting and photography.

3. Television and Film Makeup

In television and film, makeup artists help actors embody their characters, from creating realistic wounds for action scenes to aging an actor for a period piece. A diverse skill set is essential, encompassing abilities in prosthetics, airbrushing, and special effects makeup.

4. Advertising Campaign Makeup

Commercial makeup artists also work on advertising campaigns, creating looks that highlight the product being promoted, whether it's a lipstick shade, skincare product, or a fashion line. The goal is to make the product appealing to consumers, often requiring the artist to work closely with marketing teams and photographers.

5. Corporate Video Makeup

In corporate videos, the makeup artist's role is to ensure everyone on camera looks professional and polished. This might involve concealing blemishes, reducing shine, or enhancing features subtly, ensuring individuals appear their best under harsh lights and high-definition cameras.

6. Bridal Makeup

While not their primary focus, some commercial makeup artists offer bridal makeup services. They create stunning looks that not only suit the bride's personal style but also last throughout the wedding ceremony and reception and photograph beautifully.

The services offered by a commercial makeup artist extend far beyond applying makeup. They are creators, educators, and consultants, combining their technical skills with creativity to transform faces, convey stories, and even drive beauty trends. 

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