Feeling Age Creeping Up On You? Get With The Beat

Posted on: 23 December 2018

If you are noticing that your joints ache when you first get up, get tired and out of breath easily, and seem to have a harder time remembering things, it just might be time to enroll in dance classes. While you might not feel comfortable a first, and it may take some time before you feel you are not just wasting your time, there are so many benefits to becoming involved in this type of activity. Here are just a few benefits you will receive when you stick to it.

Pain Reduction

Dance classes will have you moving all your limbs and joints. Sure it is going to hurt in the beginning, but that is only because you haven't been moving them enough to keep them fluid. Not only are the joints stiffening, so are your muscles. Remember when you were a kid and would push some activity beyond normal and how it would ache the next day? This is the same thing, only multiplied a bit. Start slow but be sure to go a bit further with every class. What hurts at first will actually feel better after a few days. Just be sure to take days off if the pain is too bad. 

Cardiovascular Health

Anytime you do anything that gets your heart racing it is a good thing for your cardiovascular health. You will be surprised at how quickly things improve in this area. You will be able to walk upstairs without panting, go shopping and not rush through the store, and even play with your grandkids without getting worn out.


While you could simply turn on some music and start to dance, it isn't taxing your memory because you just move the way you want and feel. When you attend dance classes you will have to memorize the moves. Luckily, instructors know how to break things down into small sections so you will have ample time to remember what is happening in the whole dance. You will go over each little section many times and add on only a few steps at a time. This will help improve your memory overall.

In addition to the above benefits, dancing is fun. You will find yourself smiling and laughing a lot more. In fact, it will increase the "feel good" hormones so the feelings carry on when you are not dancing. Not sure it is for you? Sign up to take classes for just one month. You will be amazed at how much better you feel at the end of it.


Choosing Different Art Mediums

When I began doing art more and more in my free time, I realized that most of the things I needed to make were with chalk pastels and pastel boards. I started thinking about what I liked to do and what I was good at, and a friend of mine suggested choosing different art mediums. I started focusing on trying different things, and before I knew it, I was creating collages, trying out oil painting, and even working with clay. Now I can honestly say that I have found several mediums that I like just as much as pastels, and it has been great to see my ability increase over time. Check out this blog for great tips on art.


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